CzechSurfing 2014 Main Party at Propaganda

CzechSurfing 2014 Main Party at Propaganda

The Prague CS group would like to invite you to this international festival which will take place this year from the 10th till the 16th of September.

CzechSurfing 2015 is the 8th consecutive edition of a successful series of great international events which began in 2008.

It will be a special occasion to meet many travelers and spend a wonderful weekend in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

During the festival there will be several events every day, PLEASE SIGN UP TO THE SUB-EVENTS ON COUCHSURFING in order to help their organizers to prepare them.

All of you can join as many sub-events as you like.

Sign Up for CzechSurfing 2015 on

Sign Up for CzechSurfing 2015 on

Pre-sale of the Main Party tickets and the T-shirts have started: click here

Pre-sale online till 09.09.2015: Tickets: € 5.50, T-shirts: € 9.90

At the sub-events: Tickets: € 7.50, T-shirts: € 12.00


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